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2022 Annual Convention

Join us at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC for our Annual Convention on June 24th-27th 2022.
Registration is currently open!

SCPhA Institute on Substance Use Disorder

Join us from 8a-4:30p June 24th at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC for the inaugural SCPhA Institute on Substance Use Disorder


Protecting and advancing the pharmacy profession requires constant vigilance—we must do our part to identify, monitor, and act upon current as well as future practice opportunities and threats. With your involvement, we remain a viable resource to advocate on your behalf.


Here at SCPhA, we provide cutting-edge educational content to help you stay up to date, fulfill your professional development needs, and practice at the top of your license.


We strive to connect our members to one another through our various live events and to resources that help them stay on top of their practice.

Meet Our Frontline Heroes

  • Dr. Kiera Brown

    Member Spotlight

    I am a member of SCPhA because I love South Carolina and I love my profession. As pharmacists we have come a long way in regards to advocating for ourselves. For the longest time we’ve played a “behind the scenes” role when it came to the healthcare team. I am so excited that we are stepping out of that role and practicing to the full extent of our license as medication experts. It is so important that we are our own champions and take the time to protect and advance our profession. SCPhA gives us the tools to do that!

  • Christina Switzer

    Member Spotlight

    love my job tremendously. Knowing that we are one of the many steps in helping our patients better their lives is so rewarding. From accepting the prescriptions to compounding them is just absolutely amazing. Being a compounding technician is the dream job I never knew I wanted. The amount of information I learn everyday is incredible. I’ve always known I wanted to be a piece of the health industry and this is exactly what I feel I’m meant to do. As a technician you have just the right amount of responsibility. Always working under a pharmacist, if you have any questions or concerns you can rely on them to help you get the correct answers you need, not only for yourself, but for the patients as well. It’s a great teaching and learning moment. Everyday in pharmacy I learn something new. From new drugs that are released to how exactly how they work within our body system. I can’t wait to continue to learn and absorb everything I possibly can. This is a stepping stone to my end goal of becoming a pharmacist!

  • Dr. Cedric Hair

    Member Spotlight

    SCPhA provides multiple opportunities to meet local pharmacists in the respective areas you may practice in through continuing education opportunities. These opportunities help bridge the educational gap between newer pharmacists and those that have been in practice for many years. It’s nice knowing the association is fighting for us on our busiest days serving our patients. Lastly, the association has a great legislative team that ensures changes in healthcare policies that may affect our profession and are beneficial to us all no matter what area you practice in.

  • Dr. Jessica Jones

    Member Spotlight

    I absolutely love being a pharmacist! I have practiced pharmacy for over 16 years and seen many great changes over the years. I’m so honored to be a pharmacist in these challenging times today. We are well-trusted and positioned in such a way that we can offer help to our patients by managing and preventing a pandemic. That’s something we can all be proud of.

  • Dr. Tremain Cooper

    Member Spotlight

    I'm a member of SCPhA because I'd like to give back to the industry that has given so much to me. The role of the local independent community pharmacy was elevated during the pandemic. Also, my role as a pharmacist working in public health was elevated during the pandemic. I was on the front lines unlike any other time in my 15-year career. Now as a brand-new pharmacy owner, I believe I can become a valuable advocate for the profession. SCPhA has always been at the center of the work that advances the profession. I'd like to contribute to the best of my ability.

  • Dr. Sabrina Russ

    Member Spotlight

    There are three reasons why I continue to be a member of SCPhA: Professional Development, Advocacy, and Networking with other Pharmacists. I have been a member since 2004 and it has been priceless! I strongly encourage others to join.

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