All-Pharmacy Conference

The purpose of the South Carolina All Pharmacy Conference is to bring together, in one place, academia, state pharmacy organizations, state government agencies, such as the SC Board of Pharmacy, DHEC, Medicaid, and the State Solicitor’s office, as well as federal agencies such as DEA, CMS Regional and the Social Security Administration to discuss all things related to pharmacy. These meetings will bring pharmacy together for the purpose of enhancing the profession in a way that benefits both the profession and the patients you serve. Agenda items will be determined by the participants in an open and honest forum.

2023-2024 All-Pharmacy Conference Chairs

Chair- Casey Herring

Vice-Chair- Kim Bristow

Oct 12th, 2023, 10am-Noon at the SC Pharmacy Association

Please submit written reports via email to by Monday, Oct 2nd.

Future Meetings

February 15th, 2024, 10am-Noon at the SC Pharmacy Association