Why Join SCPhA?

SCPhA is here to serve all professionals in the industry of SCPhA is here to serve all South Carolina professionals in the industry of pharmacy. No matter what you do in the pharmacy world, we are your local representation, working to advance the science and practice of pharmacy. If you’re a pharmacy professional in South Carolina, joining SCPhA is one of the most important things you can do for your own development and to support the profession. 

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    CE – Continuing Education is provided throughout the year virtually and in-person in all corners of South Carolina. We also have annual events such as our Annual Convention and the Southeastern Pharmacy Leadership Weekend in Asheville, NC. Check out our Calendar of Events to see what’s coming up!

    Journal CE – As a member of SCPhA, you can receive FREE Continuing Education presented in our quarterly journal, The Palmetto Pharmacist. Click here to earn your CE credits.

    Legislative Advocacy – SCPhA has a team of aggressive professional lobbyists who represent South Carolina’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from all practice settings at the State House. Our Board of Directors, House of Delegates and Legislative Committee meet regularly to discuss changes in policy, upcoming legislative issues, and other issues that affect your profession on a daily basis.

    Networking – We provide networking opportunities throughout the year to give pharmacists, technicians, and students the opportunity to connect with others in their field. Our networking events have led to many job offers and opportunities for personal and professional growth..

    Palmetto Pharmacist – The Palmetto Pharmacist is our quarterly journal that includes articles about hot topics in pharmacy, announcements about upcoming events and CE opportunities, and updates on what is happening in other pharmacies across the state. 

    Profession Pulse – SCPhA is proud to facilitate connections between employers and prospective employees. Email us at to share career opportunities that you have, and we will provide updates twice a month to members of SCPhA.

    Small Doses – Small Doses is our weekly newsletter that is sent via email to members every Friday.

    Legal Counseling – SCPhA is pleased to assist with any pharmacy law questions that you may have. Members can submit their questions via a secure form and our attorney will then follow up with you to answer your questions or determine the next steps. 

    Pharmacists Mutual – Members have access to special programs and information from Pharmacists Mutual.

    Member Discounts – Members receive discounted pricing to all of our events. As a member, you will also receive our promotions and specials that we run throughout the year! We offer continuing education programming, certificate trainings as well as monthly hot topic webinars.

    RxAlerts – Sign up for RxAlerts to receive important alerts regarding prescription fraud and pharmacy safety straight to your email. To learn more about this program, click here

Membership Types & Pricing

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    Pharmacist Membership
    You must be a registered pharmacist and a graduate of an accredited College of Pharmacy.
    Pharmacist – Friend:
    Pharmacist – Leader:
    Pharmacist – Visionary:
    $150 or $15/month

    $300 or $25/month
    $600 or $50/month
    $1,200 or $100/month
    Associate Membership
    You must not be a pharmacist and must demonstrate a vital interest in the pharmacy profession.
    $150 or $15/month
    Spouse/Joint Membership
    Both members must meet the requirements of a Pharmacist Membership.
    First Year Pharmacist Membership
    You must have graduated from an accredited College of Pharmacy within the last year.
    New Grad Two-Year Special
    You must have graduated from an accredited College of Pharmacy within the last year.
    $150 for two years
    Retired Pharmacist Membership
    You must work less than 20 hours per week, be 60+ years old, and have been a member of SCPhA for the last 10 years.
    Pharmacy Technician Membership
    You must have either completed an accredited pharmacy technician program and/or have a South Carolina license/registration.
    Pharmacy Student Membership
    You must be enrolled as a student at an accredited College of Pharmacy located in South Carolina.
    $20/year or a $50 one-time payment for the course of Pharmacy School
    Pharmacy Technician Student Membership
    You must be enrolled as a student in an accredited pharmacy technician program at a school located in South Carolina.
    Vested Membership
    You must meet the qualifications for pharmacist or associate membership.
    $2,500 one-time payment, no further dues for life
    Life Membership
    Once a member has reached 35 consecutive years of membership with SCPhA, that member will become a Life Member and will no longer owe annual dues. It is the member’s responsibility to let us know when they think that they have reached the requirement. New Life Members will be recognized at our annual convention in June.
    Academy of Independent Pharmacy Owners
    Must be a SCPhA member, renews with SCPhA membership
    South Carolina Society of Consultant Pharmacists
    Must be a SCPhA member, renews with SCPhA membership