Academy of Independent Pharmacy Owners

What We Stand For

The Academy of Independent Pharmacies (AIP) was formed with the purpose of representing the needs of independent pharmacies, with the primary focus being on pharmacy legislation. The Academy was formed under the scope or umbrella of SCPhA. We all need to act with ONE voice, but our voices to be more organized, much louder, and more effective. The only way this will be successful and effective is if ALL independent pharmacy owners join AIP and become active in the legislative process

About Us

We encourage support of NCPA and other national organizations, but the federal legislation is far too complicated and expensive for us to fight. We need every independent to have a working relationship with their elected officials at the STATE level. We must have all independents from all 46 counties engaged with their senator and house of representative member. We encourage you to go to events where you know your representative member will be. Develop relationships and tell them that you want to be their contact person for pharmacy-related issues. Send them contributions when possible and appropriate. Above all, send them a four sentence thank you note once you have made contact.

We want all of you to thrive and continue to grow. We need your support (both financially and physically) with your legislators, in order to make this happen. Strength is in numbers. If AIP had 1000 members instead of 100, just think of how much clout we would have! People would listen and heads would turn. We ask that you join SCPhA if you have not already done so. We also ask that you join AIP. SCPhA renewal is $150 per year and AIP membership fee is TBD per year. If you have a partner or someone with a vested interest in your pharmacy encourage them to join as well. This is without a doubt the most important investment you can make to protect your future. Please encourage your independent colleagues to join in this most important effort!

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