Carolina Pharmacy Network

The mission of the Carolina Pharmacy Network is to promote the profession of pharmacy by enhancing profitability, productivity, and market position; to address the unique business and professional issues of community pharmacy; to establish and implement programs and services designed to assist community pharmacy owners; to provide networking opportunity for community pharmacy; to exchange information and develop strategies, goals and objectives; and to provide quality pharmacy care, professional service and improved patient outcomes.

SC Independent Hospice Network

CPN Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board  
Kyle McHugh, RPh  
McHugh Pharmacy Group  

Vice‐Chairman of the Board  
Michael Gleaton, PharmD  
The Medicine Mart  

Bryan Ziegler, RPh  
The Pharmacy  

Erin Blackmon, PharmD  
The Medicine Cabinet  

Deborah Bowers, PharmD  
Yorkville Pharmacy  

Kristy Brittain, PharmD  
SC College of Pharmacy‐MUSC  

SCPhA Board Liaison  
Kayce Shealy, PharmD  
PC School of Pharmacy