Palmetto Pharmacists Network

SCPhA/Carolina Pharmacy Network contracts with employers to provide a diabetes self-management program for their employees modeled after the Diabetes Ten City Challenge and the Asheville Project. The success of this model has led to replications in communities large and small throughout the country.

Typically, an employer (or a coalition of employers within a community), works with CPN/PPN to provide the model to its employees as an additional health care benefit.  Established as a voluntary program for the employees, participating employees are then matched with a pharmacist from a network of providers. The pharmacist provider conducts one-on-one meetings with the employee and follows a prescribed process of care developed specifically for this program. This type of model has shown how the pharmacist serves as a “coach” and provides counseling and education with regards to one’s disease, medication therapy, and lifestyle choices.

Current Programs in South Carolina:
City of Charleston

General Requirements for the HealthMapRxTM Diabetes Program Providers*:

  • Licensed Pharmacists
  • Must be a CDE, BCACP, or BCPS, or have completed an ACPE level Diabetes Certificate Training Program
  • Have private consultation areas for patient education or be willing to provide services at a work site or other designated location
  • Administer the knowledge, skills and performance assessments
  • Collaborate with local Diabetes Education Centers and Physicians
  • Maintain documentation and report outcomes as requested

General Responsibilities for the HealthMapRxTM: Diabetes Program Providers*:

  • Receive certificate training
  • Counsel enrolled patients as required (once/month for the first 3 months, then minimum of quarterly).
  • Assess comprehension/application of self-care knowledge using tool available.
  • Monitor medication adherence/side effects/adverse events/OTCs.
  • Help patients to set goals and holds them accountable.
  • Assess efficacy of treatment regimen (download meters, check blood pressures, do foot exams).
  • Communicate encounter findings/recommendations to physician.
  • Refer patients back to their physician when indicated.
  • Communicate regularly with network coordinator regarding patient compliance.

Getting Involved:

Pharmacists who enjoy working with patients, are committed to making this program a success, and are interested in becoming a member of the Palmetto Pharmacist Network should do the following to notify us of your interest:

  • Complete diabetes training course if required. See our APhA CTP page for upcoming program dates.
  • After a contract is signed, you must then complete the PPN training via webinar. 

Questions? Contact Cecily DiPiro at