Student Scholarships

One of the most valuable benefits of SCPhA membership is the opportunity to network with colleagues at member events. 

We know that attendance for these events can be pricey, which is why the members of SCPhA and the South Carolina Pharmacy Foundation are providing scholarships for deserving pharmacy students. Scholarship money is provided by other members of SCPhA who have made giving back and supporting student attendance a priority. 

There are scholarships available for our Annual Convention and the SE Girls of Pharmacy Leadership Weekend.

Students may complete the scholarship form by clicking here.

Feel free to apply for any and all scholarships. If you receive one, you are still eligible to receive others as well. 

*Please Note*: Scholarships will cover the cost of the event itself; students will be financially responsible for the cost of lodging during the event as well as any meals not mentioned in registration costs. 


The deadline for scholarship submissions is approx. 6 weeks prior to the date of the event. Exact dates are listed below.

  • Annual Convention: May 1
  • SE Girls of Pharmacy Leadership Weekend: November 11

*These dates are subject to change, so please check here prior to applying.