Billing Procedure for State Employee’s Health Plan

Helpful steps to follow for billing procedure for state employee’s health plan:

  1. Enter the prescription into the system. 
  2. Go to “claim information”
  3. Click “Fees”
  4. Enter an incentive fee for the amount you would like to charge.
  5. Click “Save”
  6. Go back to “General” tab
  7. Click on “Access Files” and go to “Patient Outcomes”
  8. Click “New”
  9. Click “Code” choose “FC-Fastclaim DUR Outcome”
  10. Under “Intervention Code” choose “MA-Medication Administration”
  11. Under “Price Plan” put STATE PLAN ACTIVE (or whatever they have)
  12. Click “Save”
  13. Go back to “General” tab.
  14. Click “fill”

If you make any changes to the prescription screen, you will need to repeat steps 7-14 again.