RxAlerts/Rx Patrol

The South Carolina Pharmacy Association implemented RxAlert as a statewide initiative to promote awareness to South Carolina healthcare professionals and law enforcement in an effort to stop illegal prescription activities. The program became active on October 6, 2003. Since its inception, over 1,500 illegal prescription activities have been reported. In June 2004, RxAlert partnered with RxPatrol, a national clearinghouse for reports on pharmacy thefts and robberies, which has increased reporting of illegal prescription activities to and from surrounding states. 

RxAlert promotes awareness of diversion including prescription forgeries, doctor and pharmacy shopping, pharmacy thefts and robberies (including over-the-counter medications), and stolen prescription pads. Communication and participation are essential to the success of this program. RxAlert unites the health profession in South Carolina in discouraging forgeries and other related criminal activities. All pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and law enforcement agencies are encouraged to participate. The RxAlert program is provided free of charge, as a community and professional service of SCPhA.             

RxAlert is a confidential communication tool between only health care providers and law enforcement; prepared and disseminated daily by SC Pharmacy Association staff. The information shared on these reports is confidential and must remain in the possession of the intended recipients of RxAlert. While acts of forgery and diversion are not protected under HIPAA regulations, SCPhA stresses that all network members take necessary steps to ensure the confidentiality of these reports. Participants will be removed from the distribution list for breaches of confidentiality.

Incidents can be reported at any time to SCPhA using the form below, but a phone number is available for reports or questions. The reports are compiled and sent out via fax and email every weekday.  If an urgent situation occurs outside of these times, an additional RxAlert may be sent out.

The RxAlert Incident Report Form (below) is used for reporting incidents. Incidents may also be reported by phone by calling SCPhA at 803.354.9977 and asking to report an RxAlert incident or leave a voice mail. All pertinent details must be included for proper documentation of reports including your contact information, in case of a need for clarification and for documentation purposes.